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Banff NP – always worth a second glance.

“We’re almost there!”

My last trip for the summer of 2012 was to Banff NP in Alberta, Canada. Like many other parks, both in the US and Canada, this location has been and continues to be shot by some of the best photographers in the world. While I do not include myself in their ranks, I do study the work they produce. I use what I have seen of their photographs, to both guide and inspire my own work. Seeing the light and perspective that these photos captured aides me to focus my vision of this iconic place.   Below you will find shots that I felt were from my minds eye, which is not to say I did not take the classic shots. I hope this will help shed some light for others, on what made me create these compositions.


“My Big Brother”

I had seen this first shot many times before. The rocks in front brought my eye into the larger picture so it enabled me to include a foreground element. It solidified a balance and completed the shot for me. The subtle light on both the back mountain and the foreground, do not compete with each other but instead helped finish the story for the viewer.


“What’s Up?”

After a short hike uphill, I could envision the picture I wanted to take. I shot a standard wide angle that included the whole lake and mountains. It had a nice composition but it was still missing that Aha moment. The shot you see above came to me on my walk back.
I kept glancing over my shoulder, watching the light and reflections in the lake. By using a longer lens to flatten the perspective, I then framed the image with the trees. The final piece to this puzzle came when I converted it to B/W.


“We’re almost there!”

“Curved Beauty”

These next two compositions proved to be very special to me. This was my first time on a glacier. Most are very high up and take a lot of hiking to reach. Often the trek required some really small steps in order to keep from sliding on the ice. I was amazed at how dirty the ice was at the lower levels. It appeared much whiter higher up where there was less movement. To show the expanse and give it a sense of place, I included people in this wide shot. Next, I tried to create flowing abstracts and still not lose the feeling that this was part of the glacier. The curves and a slow shutter helped blur the moving water and made this stand out both in the camera and the final print.


“Lead Me In”

Some days of my trip proved very rewarding. You can go seven days without the perfect sunrise, as I have experienced many times before. One morning I found a very accessible lake just off a main road. The problem was finding the right angle and foreground to match the beautiful sunrise that was quickly forming. The next obstacle was to try and not cause any ripples in this super calm lake as I was just inches from the water. In the final composition I had just the right light on the mountains and the reflection of the clouds.


“Come Together”

On the last morning of my trip, I visited a place called Lake Louise. The views of this vista were breath taking and I took the standard shots but it still seemed unfinished until a cloud bank came in. It was just what I needed, my camera eye went into overdrive. The clouds provided the drama element and by turning it into B/W, it sealed the deal and thus ended my trip on a high note.


Through my experience…. always take the standard shots, pictures that come easily, but don’t forget to take a second glance at the scene. It will help you create something different, and often unique…. you may find that iconic shot replaced by an unforgettable and truly original composition.


” DRAGON BOAT…. the drum beat of hope ! “

“Fiery Finish”

So what is Dragon boating? Enthusiasm, camaraderie, team spirit and just plain fun. The atmosphere is all that and more.  It is an event that is made up of men, women and open paddling teams. Each team has 20 rowers with 1 steers-person and 1 drummer. The teams come from all over the US and Canada, and can represent a corporation, business, cause or just about anything else. The key is to put together a team and practice till they become a cohesive unit. A very rhythmically paced team can usually overpower a physically strong team.

What drew me to this event in Mercer Park was not only the amount of people who were attending this open air competition but also the almost carnival-like  atmosphere. The people just oozed with support and happiness for each other and who or what they were racing for. Some raced for time, while others raced for their committed cause. You could not help but feel swept away by the many smiling faces from young and old. The power that 20 paddlers can generate took me by surprise. To see and hear 6 to 8 teams row in unison to the drum beat was mind-blowing. As I tried to get a feel for the movement of the boats and people, shooting became quite effortless. Even though I had full access to the docks and rowers, mingling between paddlers and spectators was  challenging at times. What kept me focused was when each race started, hearing the race gun, then the drum beat which was followed by cheering from the crowd. This rhythm of the start, the drum beat and click of my shutter, continued throughout the day. The enthusiasm of the rowers, combined with excitement of the crowd, kept me involved …. but more importantly the beat of my heart and shutter, were in sync with the boom of the drum. That boom couldn’t help but resonate deep inside everyone… it carried the message of hope in accomplishing their cause.

” The Hand of Fundy “

“Hand of Fundy”

Like a hand searching for the right time to create

You can feel its outstretched fingers… slowly, steadily

Reaching out… back and forth like a great tide

The hand of Fundy

Its daily ritual… forever etching its rhythm into your soul

Which appendage will the hand point to… misty, foggy

Anticipate the ebb and flow, what next… sunny, moonlit

Only the hand knows

My body and mind,  now are one with this hand that has guided my inner vision.

In a serene place called St. Martins on the Bay of Fundy.