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“When is a place not just a place.”

I had planned on going back to this place for what seemed like a very long time. It is a place that I shared with my late wife and everyone in my family. For me it was -not just a place, but to others it was Ricketts Glenn. How do you shoot a place that is wrapped up with so much emotional history. It took me a year to even pick up my camera because the viewfinder has a way of isolating and intensifying what we see through its lens, and what I saw were images of a lost life. I came upon an ad from the Adirondack Photo Institute, giving a two-day workshop there. I had never shot this beautiful gorge with it’s all encompassing waterfalls from a photographers viewpoint.

So with these thoughts, emotions and undying visuals I met our group leaders Mark Bowie and Joe LeFeve. They were two of the most visually attached to a place people I had met in a while. I took it slow and separated from our group as I did not know what emotion would come over me. Pictures started to appear all around me but to my surprise not the sadness or depression from the past. As the day progressed I interacted more with our group. I was pulled in by what they saw and felt. We talked and shot as we made our way down through the Glenn. Exhausted both mentally and especially physically our day ended with dinner when we sat down and shared our experiences.

Remember to find your place, visit it often and share that experience. It is one thing I have found that can not be taken from you.